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An Unlocked Heart - K.C. Wells DNF AT 45% I wanted to like this book I really did, I mean come on look at the beautiful cover! What a let down. I really HATE when I cant even finish a book. This book Started off fine. I downloaded the sample from Amazon and was happy enough with the writing, oh but how I was wrong. This book went from "eh It will probably get better" to "ugh I can't go on with this stupidity!" Here is a rundown of my major problems:

1. the exaggerated and overuse of the word "boy." Leo the dom could not talk to Alex without calling him boy IN EVERY SENTENCE. (on a side note My inner voice of the characters was so thrown off. These guys are Brits, that's cool I love Brits but no for some reason I kept hearing a US southern cowboy with all the "boy" thrown in.)
2. The use of the word "fucking" and all of its derivatives. I'll let Robin williams explain.
so yes I'm not complaining about the use of "very" but the idea is the same the author seems lazy or at a loss for vocabulary words by saying "Alex was so fucking tired or he really fucking loved something." A lot of authors do this and yes its a pet peeve of mine but this was just another nail in the cross for this book.

3. Alex, he is a pansy, a pushover and not every interesting along with having too many tstl moments. I'm fine with someone wanting to be a sub but that does not automatically give you the personality of a battered child afraid of your own shadow. If you read hard core BDSM novels as a hobby you should not be so shocked or horrified at the idea of anal sex. Sorry Alex man up.

4. "the family"- at this point this is where I really thought the story was lacking in decent writing. The reader hears repeatedly that Alex's family is likely to be unsupportive or overbearing or down right horrible from Alex's view. But no there was not one single instance that I read that SHOWED how the family was bad. In fact short of the little stunt the brother pulled about getting a laptop they seemed downright normal. Was there a big falling out? after Alex came out nope in fact the family DID NOTHING. Maybe they are not supportive but hey life goes on, they don't hate Alex or even seem derogative just uninterested. Downright poor writing if I am supposed to dislike this family but see nothing wrong with them from what I have read.

5. The sex was boring, in fact I started to daydream during the (many)scenes. Now for a book I have marked on my kink shelf I'm surprised I'm saying it's boring, but alas it is.

6. Reference to Fifty Shades of Grey .
Ok so I will embarrassingly admit I have read the whole trilogy. It's not something I'm proud nor did I love any of them so when I say this don't think I'm standing up for 50. However when you diss a book in your own book please make sure that you do not have the same writing flaws glaring back at you.

So yeah those are my mine gripes about this book I really wanted to find another M/M author that I could adore. This book did not do it for me. Would I try another K.C. Wells book? Maybe someday but not anytime soon.

Oh and by the way that beautiful cover with two gorgeous men, yeah the main guys in this book are described as nothing like these two. So I'm afraid I did chose a book by its cover and was sadly let down.